Friday, April 3, 2015

6 Easter Menu Ideas

quiche | home fries | salad | madeleines | raspberry ricotta cake | homemade cream eggs

When I was a little girl the Easter Bunny would bring us dried fruit, maybe some m&ms & a small toy. Rarely did we have the novel chocolate bunnies waiting for us in our baskets. My mom got a nutrition degree from Cornell so I’m pretty sure she laid down the law with the Easter Bunny about what could & couldn’t make the basket. That said there was always plenty of dessert around in the form of baked goods at Easter that were sugary but usually more fruity or Italian cheese cakey, I suppose to compensate for the lack of chocolate bunnies.  That is probably why half of the recipes I pulled for this post are desserts (he he). Grab the links for those 6 recipes here:
  1. quiche 
  2. home fries 
  3. salad 
  4. madeleines 
  5. raspberry ricotta cake 
  6. homemade cream eggs
Easter’s one those holidays that can start early, like breakfast. So why not make some brunchy type foods for your family? We’ll be spending Easter with family & I’ll be bringing deserts. I’ll probably make this or maybe something new. I haven’t yet decided. What are you making?

Happy Easter y'all :)

P.S.: If you're looking for decorating inspiration check out how my mother-in-law decorates here. She never disappoints. It's always festive & tasteful!

P.P.S. Happy Passover, too!