Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #9 Eat & Cook What's in Season

Better Home Cooking Basics: no. Eat and Cook What's in Season

I was recently reading this article titled, "Why your grandparents don't have food allergies". One of the main things that our grandparents did was to eat what was in season.  Today we have so many ways to manufacture conditions that our food is produced in that it doesn't really equate to the same food - it becomes manufactured food.  So if you eat what is actually in season you are taking one large step towards bettering yourself.  How do you know if it's in season? One of the main clues for me (because I'm not a farmer - & I'm very far from having a green thumb) is that there will be a lot of that item & it will be on sale. Win. Win.  So if there is an abundance of tomatoes & they're not $15 a pound, chances are they're not only the best tasting tomatoes you'll eat & can cook with all year but they're also really good for you & your wallet. If you can buy locally produced food - bonus points for you.

What are you eating this season?

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