Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Better Home Cooking Basics: #11 "Well Seasoned" = Salt & Pepper

Better Home Cooking Basics: "Well Seasoned" means Salt and Pepper

Whenever you hear the phrase “well seasoned” it means salt & pepper was used well.  If you don’t collect spices (like I do) all you really need for simply tasty food is salt & pepper.  Don’t just put it on the table, cook with it. Cook with salt & pepper throughout the dish so that all bites are seasoned, not just the top layer which is what happens if you add the salt & pepper at the end.  When you’re making a soup add salt & pepper with each ingredient a little bit at a time, that way, hopefully, you won’t have to add a ton at the end. If you taste your food & it just needs a little something - chances are it’s salt & pepper.

Ok, now that I’ve beaten that point to a pulp, I’d love to hear from you. What are you making lately? What kinds of recipes would you like me to try first so that you can learn from my trials & tribulations? My friend Lindsey wants me to make pretzel rolls & fried chicken, so those are on the list.

PS: Happy birthday to a special little lady who I know as Merky.

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  1. while you have out your black iron skillet (a necessity for fried food) how bout some fried green tamaters. or tomatoes here in the northeast. with lard & cornmeal. MMMMM.sliced thin. I'm going into a food coma...can't share more thoughts...except please hurry for fried chicken. p.s. you can borrow my iron skillet if needed.