Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Better Home Cooking Basics: #1 Keep Your Work Space Clean

I'm not a chef (although my husband flatters me by saying so). I'm not classically trained in cooking or baking, either. I do enjoy eating & cooking & that's what I document here. I take mental notes when things work well & when they're disasters.

I thought we could all learn from my successes & failures in the kitchen, so I bring you the first installment of Tip Tuesday, where I'll share with you easy ways to be a better home cook. Don't worry they'll be short & to the point & more importantly easy to remember.

Today's tip is: keep your work space clean. It may sound obvious but it's essential. First & foremost give yourself space to cook (mentally & physcially).  If your kitchen table doubles as a counter top & a place where things collect like mine does take the time to clear it off before your hands get dirty.  Then, continue to keep it clean while you're cooking (like someone is photographing your space for blog photos).  So, if you're cutting garlic, for example, make sure you discard any of the thin sticky peel. Sometimes that peel is so stubborn you have to wipe your cutting board down with a wet rag or sponge, once you've done that you can cut whatever is next on the list. Plus, if you keep cleaning as you go - less to clean after. Win. Win.

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