Monday, August 26, 2013

Photo Inspiration: A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book

I love the blog, A Beautiful Mess. It's a collaboration of two sisters plus some extra fabulous contributors.  Maybe it's the sister thang (I too work with mine) or the insanely creative and relatable ideas they offer on a daily basis.  (Or maybe it's that they both have really cool hair.) The great thing about most blogs, A Beautiful Mess & mine included, is that they're written by real people that aren't professionals in their field but some how become better than a professional because they break down what they do in to layman's terms so that you and I can recreate the same things.  Life's about trying new things - not necessarily becoming a professional at it but hey once you try something new you might even make it your profession.

Currently, I'm browsing the pages of this book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book.  It's for real people who take real pictures that are sometimes blurry and then sometimes they're extraordinary. I'm still an amateur at taking photos but the 95 ideas that Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman have journaled in this book are super inspiring.

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