Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorite Way to Sip: Cuppow

I don't know why I ever stopped using a sippy cup (I hope I'm not the only "adult" that asks herself this question). I'm a dribbler, always have been probably always will be, but now I can embrace it with grace with my Cuppow lid.  My sister found this marvel of a product (of course she did, she always finds the cool stuff).  When I got wind of hers I naturally responded "I want one" (waaaaaah!). Lucky for me my sister had a mason jar & a cuppow lid for me the very next day (yes I have a great sister).

So let's get to why I am obsessed with my new adult sippy cup.

  1. It's asy to fill & with the wide mouth of the jar I can easily stuff it full of iced cubes for my iced coffee or just water.
  2. A straw fits in the hole in the lid - you know for a classy, sophisticated look.
  3. It's easy to clean.
  4. It's a pretty fantastic conversation piece while commuting (ok no one has asked me about it YET but I know they're just eyeing up my Cuppow with envy).
  5. The name is Cuppow - so you can pretend you're part of an old school Batman episode while you sip.
Happy Friday! I'm off to enjoy adult beverages in sippy cups with some of my bestest friends from childhood, what are you doing?

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