Monday, May 7, 2012

Braised Duck & Mushroom Fettucini

I'm really a chicken and fish girl when it comes down to the 'meat' of my diet (and by diet I mean the foods I eat - I'm not on a diet). I sometimes will roll the dice and try red meat (I live on the edge, I know) but for the most part the house always wins - its a lose lose for how my body feels after eating it.

So on Sunday I thought I'd live scandalously by cooking up some duck.

Usually I like to make a meal that takes tens of minutes, not hours, to make. Feeling inspired by a fab restaurant in San Francisco, Pesce, I give you braised duck and mushroom fettucini.

For this dish I used a hybrid of this eggless pasta recipe, this duck and this sauce. I jazzed my sauce up with some shallots and mushrooms (shitakes and baby portobello) which I added to the duck fat before I added the duck.

If you're not into duck or don't have a Sunday afternoon to cook this specific dish you can easily substitute the duck with roasted chicken and use boxed pasta or fresh in the deli section.

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