Monday, April 30, 2012

You've Got FOODIE Mail

What's better than getting mail? Getting food in the mail that's what.  Remember a while back I mentioned that I joined the foodie pen pal movement?  Well, it's true and it happened. I participated.  I sent food and got food in return.  (mmm food karma.)

Lucky for me I received a special box in the mail from Lindsey.  I couldn't wait to try what was inside!

Take a peek at what I got after the jump!

1. blue cheese herb mustard; 2. jalepeno pepper stuffed olives;
3. mango coconut water; 4. raspberry jelly & chocolate rice crispy sandwich;
5. peppermint tea; 6. a sweet note from Lindsey!
My favorite of this yummy assortment is the blue cheese herb mustard!  It sounds different, because it is and it is sooooooooo differently delicious! Check back tomorrow to see how I changed up our dinner menu with it!

Thanks so much Lindsey!!


  1. love your pictures and collages! so fun!! what program do you use?

    1. Hey thanks Lindsay! I use photoshop. I'm an art director with a graphic design background - i know unfair advantage. thanks for stopping by and keep up the awesome work at the lean green bean!!! love it!