Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One for the Memory Books

This photo is from my very first vacation with Chris to Charleston, SC (such an amazing place). It's pretty much become tradition to both visit Charleston and to snap a photo like this.
I'm that girl with the camera on vacay - I take photos of everything. Most of the time it's the food because I love how food photographs.  All the while I'm thinking graphically.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  

While I'm snapping photos I'm thinking of where they will be positioned in the layout of my photo album that I have already created in my brain (which may or may not come to fruition after said vacay). One thing the photo album always needs is a cover page (obi).  Most of my vacations have been to warm places (no complaints here) so I usually write the title of my album in the sand.  

This photo was from our honeymoon.  I wrote "Heather + Chris Feb 2011 Honeymoon" in the sand, took my photo and then took a dip in the ocean.  When i came back some sweet people had drawn a heart around it.  That memory still melts my heart and is one of my favorite memories.
I think these photos make for great greeting or thank you cards too. I (still) plan to make this one into a Hawaiian (honeymoon) inspired thank you note one of these days on some fun site like or that let you make great short runs on custom cards. ( Note to self: make these already!)
The hubs and I are headed to San Fran this spring - wonder what I can write the title of my album in there… wine droplets perhaps… what do you think? taking suggestions.